Energized Fitness

Before and After


Back In October I made the BEST decision of my life and that was joining Energized Fitness. For Years I struggled with my weight and tried everything from ‘Fad Diets’, long cardio sessions to barely eating anything at all. I couldn’t understand why none of this would work for me, but it all makes so much sense now since I started out in Energized Fitness.

When I had my first consultation with Darren he asked me what my goal was and the obvious answer was to lose weight. I wanted this to happen as quickly as possible but I was informed that at Energized fitness a lifestyle change is encouraged, not just a quick fix! From that moment I knew I had made the right decision. That day together we set out realistic goals and my lifestyle changed for the better

Darren’s passion for the Health and Fitness Industry is obvious, he encourages each and every one of us to work to our potential, he’s genuinely interested in seeing everyone reach their goals and change their lifestyle.

I now have a plan and structure in place to help me move forward and reach new goals that we have set out.I am so much happier in my own skin and have so much more energy seeing my body shape change is fantastic and it’s all down to the tailored programs and nutrition plans that I receive from Darren.

I would highly recommend Darren and the team at Energized Fitness to anyone wanting to make lifestyle changes. I promise you will NOT REGRET IT!!!!!


I just want to thank Darren my coach and owner of Energized Fitness for helping me achieve the goals that I set out for myself. I always was in to sport from playing soccer growing up and Thai boxing. However, I knew the type of goals that I wanted to achieve for myself; I would find it very difficult to achieve them through the other sports that I was playing. So Darren set out a specific plan for me, gave me goals and targets and within 18months I finally achieved the type of physique that I always wanted. Darren has helped me get to where I am today. I have now set out new goals and looking forward to hitting them in coming future.


I’ve tried lots of different diets and gyms too but it’s only here at energized fitness that I’ve learned about healthy eating, hardcore training and how it’s not a diet but a way of life. I’ve always struggled with my weight and it’s was always been about fat or skinny. Now thanks to those at energized I’ve learned and I now understand and believe that it’s all about being healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle! I feel better, look better and I am more confident. I’m still on my journey to a new healthier me. I would like to thank all those at energized, staff and members for the warm welcome, encouragement and support. I’d particularly like to thank Darren who has really helped motivate me, push me to my limits and who is consistently encouraging and positive in his approach.


when I first started the gym my biggest fear was becoming to bulky like a body builder from using the weights, but how wrong was I , I’ve never been so toned in my life , I feel amazing and love the gym now , I hate if I miss a session , it’s really wonderful to see the difference in my body and thats all down to Energized Fitness and trainer Darren O Leary , thank you for the encouragement you always gave and still do something like that


I was recommended to go and talk to Darren about something that I always wanted to do and achieve and that was to step on stage. The one thing I liked about our first meeting was that he was straight up and told me like it is with no B.S. Darren gave me my plan and set a target for me. I have been weight training all my life and would consider myself to have good knowledge about training and nutrition. However, the way Darren approach the training and nutrition was completely different to way I was told to do things, he was very specific with what he wanted me to do and we tracked every single thing we done. Darren’s knowledge and how he applies it to your goals is very different to the way most other trainers tell you what to do, and within 10months of training at Energized Fitness I achieved what I set out to do and I could not be happier. Thank you to everyone at Energized Fitness for the support and and thanks to Darren for helping me along the way.


I’ve been working with Darren at Energized Fitness for 18months and have just competed in my first natural body building show. When I joined Energized Fitness I wanted to lose body fat and gain muscle.After having tried a lot of other gyms I had bad habits and was given bad advice. Darren drastically changed the way I view exercising and diet and demonstrated first hand the benefits and results of weight training with the right diet. As my body changed I could see with Darrens help I had the ability to compete because he have the ability to drive you to push harder than you thought possible and enjoy every minute of it. I look forward to continuing to work with Darren and strive for bigger goals as he’s surpassed all of my expectations and given me something I couldn’t have achieved alone.


When I joined Energized Fitness with a goal to lose weight,what I didn’t expect was that it was going to change my life.From the first consultation with Darren I could see how educated he was in terms of health and fitness and how much he enjoyed it,from that day he helped educate me through my fitness journey,teaching me how to much myself mentally and physically,constantly challenging me which has made me a new person inside and out.I’v lost 42pds to date,taking me from a sie 16 to a 10.It’s no longer about the number going down on the scales because my confidence is up,I have a lot more energy for the kids and am happier and healthier than ever!



Just a quick note to say thanks for all the help and guidance over the past few years
I never saw the inside of a gym before I called into Energized Fitness now it has become very much part of my life.
Thanks for not only giving me guidance when in the gym but also how to change my whole lifestyle, in particular my eating habits.

Heres to both your and mine continued success.


I joined energized almost a year ago and little did I know then I’d still be here! I have a new found love of health and fitness. It’s been hard work, there’ll be days you feel like quitting but as any excellent trainer should be able to do it wouldn’t be long before Darren would have you up and at it again. Meeting goal after goal joining energized is the best decision I’ve ever made and I haven’t just gained a new body but also health and happiness and  group of friends and a support group who are always there!


When I joined Energized Fitness it was admittedly at a push. I thought weights just wasn’t for me and was quite nervous about it. My initial goal was to tone up a little after having a baby. I enjoyed the classes and began to see changes in my body and felt better in myself. My reasons for training then extended to also wanting a fitter healthier lifestyle when I seen the benefits of good food and exercise. As I progressed I fell in love with weights as a sport and have now developed into a figure competitor.
The atmosphere here is so welcoming and helps me to enjoy the time I spend here all the more
Whatever your reasons for joining a gym Darren can help you to be who and what you want to be. He has the knowledge and experience to bring you to any level of health and fitness which you want to achieve.If your willing to put in the work the results you desire will be delivered under the instruction of the most competent, confident encouraging health and fitness instructor. One of the best decisions I have ever made for me. Xxx


Before i ever decided to train with Darren at Energized Fitness i already had a backround in sports as i played Rugby all my life. Coming to the end of my playing days i found it very difficult to keep my training and intensity as high as it was when i was playing. I remember meeting Darren for our first consultation and discussing what type of training would be best for me. I can remember our first training session like it was yesterday. Let’s just say i found the intensity again and not long after we started our first session i was on my hands and knees. I knew this was the training for me. What i love about training here and getting coached by Darren is that you can tell he has the passion and loves what he is doing. He put me in the right direction and gave me the guidance and motivation to help me transform my lifestyle and my body and im very grateful for that. We have now set new goals and i can not wait to reach these. If your looking for the results you always wanted then i would highly recommend Darren and Energized Fitness. This is by far the best training i have ever done.