Energized Fitness


    Our aim is, to help every single client on an individual basis, with their own personal goals. But what makes Our Lean Body Academy different to any other regular gym membership, is that we coach you on a daily basis, all your training, nutrition and supplemental advice is taking care of from day one.

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    Personal training is our premier service. You want results now; this is exactly what you are looking for.Personal training means the training is personal and that's what it should be. We believe that if you want Personal Training then what you are looking for is a Coach who he going to be there by your side for every single Rep, Set and weight lifted.

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    If you are time restricted and limited to how many days per week you can work out, not to worry. We have our LEAN BODY CLASSES which is specifically designed to burn body fat and reshape your whole body.

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Our Mission Statement

Our intent is to:

“Set the standards of personal training expectations and improve the overall health of the public, all or our clients and as many people as we come across at our centre, on the importance of good nutrition and exercise and how to make better lifestyle choices for long term success.”

Our Goal

Our goal is to:

“Improve the overall health and athletic ability of all our clients through careful monitoring and testing. All the testing that we do will help identify any potential health or injury problems. These tests will allow us to design safe and effective programs that are catered the client’s needs for the fastest results possible.”